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 Shaolin Wushu association absorb new members countrywide member manua

 1、 Any callan who are going to join the association has to be virtuous, literate, and love wushu project, who must be active in attending the movements held by the organization.
2. Post your resume and four recent half-inch without-hat photos, hand over $240 as membership fee and file charge.
3. If your application, remittance and documents are received, they will be input computer. then we will award you a Membership Card and Buddhist Card(that is Shaolin Temple Secular Disciple Card)


Shaolin Temple Monks Performance Training School


                   RECRUIT NEW MEMBERS

1. If you are fond of wushu, and you can endure hard exercise, welcome join us.
2. $3000 of tuition and $240 of incidental expenses for one of three years’schooling, paying off for one year each time, or three year paid up.
3. Board wages are $450each month. Vegetarians may have meals with monks.
4. Bring bedding with you, or buy them in school. Free charge of accommodation, water and electricity.
5. Buying school uniform and training clothes in the school.
6. Except for a half day of culture courses, training in the remain time every day. Or train the whole day.
7. Taking ID card or local probative letter and two pieces of half-inch photos with for temporary residence.
8. Courses including Shaolin Boxing Fundamental Techniques, Common Serial Skills, Shaolin Qigong, Qinggong, Free Boxing, Wrestling, Capturing, Eighteen sorts of cool weapon, serial skills for tournament, skills for performance.
9. Shaolin military monks learn wushu in the Temple and practicing outside. If you want to have a monk/nun teacher, you have to pay $5000 in addition, then become a monk after a year.
10. After you finish your courses, if you are excellent, you can be a couch or a guard in the school, also you would have performance chances abroad and attend an advanced college.
Welcome to Shaolin Temple and learn Kungfu from the monks. Want to master the true Shaolin-Kungfu? Just need US$ 3000 per year. If you want to learn less than one year, you can pay the money every month--US$500per month. (If more than 30-50 person to learn Kungfu together,just need RMB 20000/year/person;Also you can select to enter Shaolin School,just need RMB 20000/year/person,but the condition is not so good.) Please fly to Zhengzhou Airport,we will meet you there.
Shaolin Tourism Service, Dengfeng, Henan Province of China 
Manager:Qiumin Shang
Postal code:452470


Fist Routines - Eighteen Luohan Hand, Eighteen Luohan Fist, Eighteen Luohan Palm, Big Hong Fist, Small Hong Fist, Continuous Fist, Six Harmony Continuous Fist, Five Animal Fist, Snake Fist, Tiger Fist, Dragon Fist, Panther Fist, Crane Fist, Chao Yang Fist, Plum Blossom Fist, Nine Fists, Luohan Fist, Cannon Fist, Tong Bei Fist, Tong Bei Continuous Fist, Long Fist, Eagle Fist, Chang Chui Fist, Jin Gang Fist, Six Harmony Fist, Black Tiger Fist, Seven Star Fist, Shaolin Short Hitting, Five Harmony Fist, Chuo Jiao Fist, Tian Gang Fist, Rock Fist, Xin Yi Fist, Eight Extreme Fist, Hungry Tiger Fist, Fire Dragon Fist, Golden Rock Fist, Fierce Tiger Fist, Kan Jia Fist, Eight Step Continuous Legs, Exiting Mountain Fist, Scissor Fist, Reverse Arm Fist, Six Ancestor Fist, Soft Fist, Monkey Fist, Shaolin Taijiquan,Two Person Fighting Routines - Eight Extreme Boxing, Eighteen Luohan Hand Boxing, Eighteen Luohan Pulling Hand Boxing, Smashing Step Boxing, Weapon Routines: Broadsword - Plum Blossom Single Broadsword, Bei Yang Single Broadsword, Separate the Heart Piercing Single Broadsword, Shaolin Single Broadsword, Green Dragon Broadsword, Black Tiger Broadsword, Sparrow Shape Broadsword, Four Door Broadsword, Coiling Head Broadsword, Six Ha Harmony Double Broadsword,Other weapons would include the Monk's Spade, Large Knife, Pu Knife, Spring and Autumn Knife, Broadsword with Nine Sectional Whip, Fang Tian Halberd, Moon Teeth Knife, Tian Gang Splitting Water Fan, , Single Ball, Double Ball, Golden Flower Balls, Nine Sectional Steel Whip, Monkey Hand Whip, Leather Whip, Rope Dart, Flying Darts, Meteor Ball Whip, Double Meteors, Iron Broom, Arm Crutches, Turning Hall Crutches, Da Mo Crutches, Three Sectional Staff, Two Sectional Staff, Tiger Head Hooks, Double Hooks, Tiger Forks, Jin Gang Circles, Double Daggers, Double Axes, Monk's Shoes, Striding Tiger Basket, Double Bamboo Chopsticks, Buddha's Horse's Tail, Iron Flute, and others.

Iron Arm Skills, Body Tapping Skills, Iron Broom Skills, Iron Foot Skills, Kicking Skills, Bamboo Leaf Hand, Snake Walking Skills, Lifting a Thousand Pounds Skills, Luohan Eye Skills, Iron Head Skills, Iron Shirt Skills, Whipping Force Skills, Jade Belt Skills, Separating Water Skills, Far Jumping Skills, Iron Elbow Skills, One Finger Buddha Skills, Plucking Nails Skills, Golden Bell Skills, Iron Cow Sills, Tornado Palm, Lying Tiger Skills, Golden Dragon Hand Skills, Pushing Mountain Palm Skills, Eagle Claw Skills, Golden Sand Palm Skills, Five Poison Hand Skills, Wall Climbing Skills, Plum Blossom Post Skills, Praying Mantis Claw Skills, Plank Running Skills, Light Body Skills, Iron Knee Skills, Soft Bone Skills, Iron Groin Skills, Acrobatic Skills, Thousand Layer Paper Skills, Chasing the Wind

   Songshan Shaolin Temple Wushu Association, China 
Secretary general:Qiumin Shang