30. A BOOK FOR ARMED ESCORTS  written by Shao Faming. The book refers to necessary diathesis for an escort, basic training and comprehensive fighting exercise etc. in the training section it gives lots of examples in different situation like fighting in laneway, on sloping field, in forest, in mud, in water and so on. About particular skills, the book presents hiding skills, climbing skills, frisk methods, binding methods and the like.  

31. LI XIAOLONG¡¯S FIGHTING SKILLS  written by Qinli and Kefei. The book introduces some solutions under certain conditions as someone is grasping on chest, arm, wrist or other part of your body, or your are attacking by a person with knife, spear or stick. The book is made up of 70 thousand characters and 235 pictures.

32. MYSTERIOUS LIGHT KUNG FU IN WUSHU CIRCLES  the book places light gong training methods in an important point. it also gives a room for exercise methods for basic and advanced techniques like how to jump higher, run faster, hang head down, leap onto roofs and vault over walls etc. additionally, it presents detailed discussion about the application of light gong in real fight.  

33. SECRET EXERCISE METHODS FOR QINGGONG  the book, spending 120 thousand and 130 pieces of insets, introduces Light Gong¡¯s primary exercise methods which are jogging, running on the stakes/bricks etc; intermediate gong including many methods for training bounce which is absolutely necessary for a Light Gong master. In addition, there are other secret skills presented.

34. SECRET HARD QIGONG EXERCISE  written by Pang Jiqi. The book is a comprehensive directory for training hard qigong. It systematically expatiates the basic principle of qigong training, of breathing method and the specific exercise means for having iron-like fists, fingers, palms, arms, legs. The book contains 100 thousand characters and 200 insets.

35. RARE ATTACKING MEANS WITH HANDS  It emphatic discusses shape of palm, gait and their exercise methods, how to exert in actual fight, in which there are simple single actions, assembled actions and comparatively complex link-actions as well. Written by Pang Jiqi, having 110 thousand characters and 240 insets.

36.POST CARDS ON SHAOLIN SCENES   10 pieces in a series, they are mostly sights in Shaolin Temple Area and nearby region. They are good gifts.

37. BIOGRAPHY OF SHAOLIN TEMPLE  written by Zhen Pinghao, 200 thousand characters. The book presents 1500 years¡¯great changes, tales, anecdotes happened in Shaolin Temple and a list of monks and nuns of all ages as refrence.

38. SHAOLIN WUSHU PICTURES   It collects about 400 pieces of color photos having to do with unique shaolin kung fu, 72 skills, wushu performance. 16 format paper, charged at 190 yuan RMB.

39. A COLLECTION OF SHAOLIN TEMPLE¡¯S SECRET RECIPES   the book gathers over 70 masters¡¯secret recipes and proved recipes. The first volume includes 300 pieces for injuries from falls; the second includes 254 pieces for internal medicine, methods for practicing skill and improving health in addition. The contents are imparted by De Chan, one of Shaolin Temple¡¯s leader, written by his student De Qian.ª¥

40. REAL SHAOLIN BOXING    The book is edited on the base of Shaolin Secret Boxing that was limited within the Temple, adding some valuable documents donated by famous wushu masters, Su Lin, Su Fa, Liu Jinwei etc. it has a rich, complete and systematic content attaching perfect traditional wushu series and illustrations. The book, including 256 pages and 442 insets, was written by De Qian.ª¥

41. EFFICIENT WRISTLE SKILLS FOR INTERNATIONAL SPECIAL ARMY   the book displays special army¡¯s training content, quite a lot of skills are shown, they are about binding, sending under escort, frisk, swimming, climbing,tracking and prowl etc. in addition, it tells some knowledge on special servicemen¡¯s selection and training, equipments¡¯s assignment. The book was written by Wei Feng, having 210 thousand characters and 573 insets.

42. TWO-FINGER ZEN SECRET SKILLS  written by Yang Jiannan, including 165.2 thousand characters and 485 insets. The book contains taolu (serial skills and trick), techniques, fighting and exercise methods. Two-finger zen is a kind of kung fu which collect all energy on the middle finger and forefinger to support upended body, simple and easy to learn and exercise.

43. HOW TO LEAP HIGH AND KEEP LONGER    Edited by Pupiao Jingkong, 246.4 thousand character and about 100 insets. The book mainly offers some methods on how to soar into air and keep longer.

44. FREE FIGHT TRAINING TUTORIAL    Written by Dong Qinghui. The book is divided into five volumes which are Continuous Attacking Skills, Defend Skills, Boxing Techniques, Wrestle Methods, Leg Attacking Skills. Accumulating long-term experience as a free fight couch, absorbing other masters¡¯strong points, the author completed the book. The skills, about how to use fist, leg, wrestle, guard etc, turned up in the book, are all tie up with practical situation. It can be a free fight textbook, a reference book for coaches and athletes as well.





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