45. AUTHENTIC 72 SKILLS OF SHAOLIN  The book introduces 72-skills¡¯basic exercise methods, they are respectively six-character gong, head and its surface organs¡¯improving methods, teeth gong, hanging a coin, hanging beads, malti-layer paper, Ruyi map, hanging cotton gavel, striking wooden man, kicking spile, kicking counterweight, arm gong, strike-resistance gong, broom gong, feet gong, hand gong, snake walk skill, lifting weight, arhat gong, iron-head gong, four-section gong, self-guard skill, double lock gong, standing-on-pot skill, cut-in iron ball, holding weight, wipe skill, tapping water exercise, slapping water, waving tape exercise, jump exercise, elbow exercise and so on 72 types of training methods. The book was written by De Qian with 252 thousand characters and 512 insets.  

46. A COLLECTION OF SHAOLIN SPEAR SKILL     The book introduces not only shaolin spear skill¡¯s headstream, characteristic and contents, but also basic skills, common pace and precious techniques, as well as thirteen famous spear skills, meihua spear, wulong spear, liuhe spear and the like nine excellent traditional series of skills. For the fun¡¯s convenience, the book offers pictures and simple explanation. The book is written by De Qian, 130 thousand characters and 400 images.

47. UNIQUE LIGHT GONG IN WUSHU CIRCLES   It presents some methods, basic skills like run, jump, leap, spring, climb, creeping etc for mastering light gong, and valuable recipes, eight precious light gong skills, leaping onto roofs and vault over walls, fight and so on. The book emphasizes integrating theory with practice, concise sentences and easy to understand. The author is Jushan Huigen, it has 184.8 thousand characters and 620 insets.

48. WUDANG STYLE FREE FIGHT SPEED-UPª¥ The author, Qi Yuzeng, summarizes long-term wrestle experience in this book. Attaching abundant images (334 pieces) and sufficient explanation (189 thousand characters), it seems exoteric and easy to understand.

49. LIFESAVING LEG SKILLS    The author, Zhao Zhensi, arranged the book taking in many masters¡¯good points, combining his own many years¡¯view in wushu practice, which consists of comparatively practical leg skills and other factions¡¯representative skills, as snake-wag-tongue leg attacking, slanting kick in Tongbei boxing, and hook leg, tiger-tail leg, kicking-belly leg, eighteen close-to-earth leg skills and the like 48 skills in total. The book has about 70 thousand characters and 140 insets.

50.SHAOLIN WUSHU TEXTBOOK   The book is thought as the most standard tutorial in sportsdom. It has three volumes companying with English edition. edited by Liu Haichao, son of Tagou Wushu School¡¯s president.

51. SHAOLIN UNIQUE CAPTURE SKILLS    Written by De Qian, the book includes common capture methods and 125 illustrations, as well as prescriptions for damnification. It collected precious skills turned up in fifty years, commissioned by master De Chan, a Shaolin Temple leader.

52. SHAOLIN LION BOXING   It is written by Hu Jinhuan, 100 thousand characters and about 400 inserts. The book is easy to understand and learn, every action is explained. 

53. SHAOLIN EIGHTEEN WEAPONS   It presents important skills about spear, falchion, sword, stick, broadsword, shovel, halbert, hook, hammer and nine-node stick, easy to understand and learn. The book contains 100 thousand characters and 350 inserts. ª¥

54. SHAOLIN WEAPON SUMMARY    The book makes a concise description to 220 kinds of weapons that used by shaolin military monks, illustrations attached.

55. SEVENTY-TWO LEG SKILLS    It introduces 72 leg attacking methods, and a few series of leg skills and trick. It is written by Zhao Zhenzhong, 200 pages including about 300 inserts

56. SHAOLIN STICK SKILL SUMMARY   The book was written by Yongxiang, a military monk before the Temple was set fire, referring to SHAOLIN SECRET STICK CHARTS. It not only expatiates shaolin stick skill¡¯s origin, features, exercise methods, precious experience from military monks, but also open 33 set of secret drawings, especially 12 excellent sets, with illustrations and course, easy to learn and exercise. The book is written by Shi Deqian, 170 thousand characters and 536 inserts.

57. SHAOLIN PRACTICAL DRUNK BOXING FOR DEFENDING   Drunk boxing is to imitate a drunk man¡¯s act, artfully using hands, fists and legs, integrating many skills like falling down, falling forward, rolling, up-turn. It appears punch-drunk, afloat, unceasing rocking, just like a drunk. Virtually, it emphasizes that action is drunk but not mind, assuming drunkenness to puzzle the opponent, then seizing the opportunity to beat him. The book has 120 thousand characters and 366 insets, written by Li Jianxin. 

58. SHAOLIN ARHAT¡¯S 108 SKILLS FOR FREE FIGHT   The book shows empty-handed wrestle¡¯s methods, applying many attack-defend ways as kick, strike, throw, lift, butting and so on, according to joints and some organ¡¯s physiological characteristic, mechanical principle, to eliminate rival¡¯s resisting. The book has 120 thousand characters and 439 insets, written by Liu Yuzeng.

59. SOFT AND HARD QIGONG SPEED-UP    The book is edited following the real demand of hard qigong autodidacts that emphasis cultivating internal vital energy and muscles, bones, sinews. Learning hard qigong you have to follow the right methods, or you would hurt yourself and would not get any achievement. It collects hard qigong training experience and teaching methods, sets soft qigong as base and hard qigong as main. The book is written by Lingxi Yinsou, having 130 thousand characters and about 100 insets.  

60. TAIJI QUAN DEVELOPED IN SHAOLIN TEMPLE   Four yuan RMB for each periodical, seven yuan for each hardcover. In order to show our cordiality, the first only charged at two yuan and presented a book on Shaolin Little Hong Boxing in addition, attaching recruiting student regulation of  Shaolin Temple Wushu School.





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