acteriophages become broad-spectrum medicines against all kind of bacteria caused diseases instead of specific drugs against single species of gem. The study to nucleic acid will bring great benefit in respect of health care and anti-senium. Its metabolic remedy for curing retrograde and functional diseases is to substitute heterophthy, which contribute to human health and longevity no less than bacteriophage. The cases below are part of feedbacks from positive molecule nucleic acid mixture(PMNAM) users.

Case 1. Jia Wanrong, a 55 years¡¯ male, is the safe direstor of Shenyang Mould Factory. He had suffered from hypertension, coronary heart disease, shortage of brain blood supply, so he had to be in hospital once or twice, spending about 10 thousand yuan RMB. From the beginning of 96, he started to use positive molecule nucleic acid mixture, so that he has not been taken bad since then. Now he feels easy and is far from hospital, his state is also stable.

Case 2. Jiang Xiuping, female and 45 years old, an employee of Fangtian Heating Company in Shenyang. She had suffered from vertiginous disease for several years, furthermore she was in trouble of gynecopathy, bad heart, hair fall-off and lackluster. One day she suddenly found that her hair whiten a lot, chloasma in her face apparently increased, eyebrows fell off seriously, skin are dry, and she felt weak too. In the later ten-day of April 1997, she began taking positive-molecule nucleic acid maxture, from then on, her hair doesn¡¯t fall off any longer and becomes flexible the chloasma gets lighter, her eyebrows recovers, her teeth are smooth and white, she can eat more and sleep well. Now she has come to normal state.

Case 3. Fu Weixu, male, 59 years old, an employee of Bicycle Chain Factory in Shenyang. Before using PMNAM, he  was exceptional pain in waist, hard to stand, can not ride, and often waken by ache. Since he had it, the pain in his waist has been evidently relieved, he has been able to ride and eaten more.

Case 4. Luan Rong, female, seventeen years, a student in Normal College in Shenyang. She was weak, anorectic, easy to be tired, absented mindedness when having a lesson, and always had a headache before having PMNAM. Since she started to had it in May 1997, she has completely recovered. During the time of the entrance exam for college, she was in good mood and very confident, at last she entered the normal college as an undergraduate, her family was very happy for her achievement.

Case 5. Chi Yuanchen, male, 64 years old, has a job in Dongling District Municipal People¡¯s Congress in Shengyang. I was diagnosed getting Parkinson¡¯s disease in 1993, whose main symptom is upper limbs ceaselessly shape involuntarily, which impact sleep seriously. Because of long-term insomnia, I felt exhausted in the daytime and the state even more serious year after year. From May 1997 I started to use special PMNAM for Parkinson¡¯s disease, I came to a better state, the limbs shook slowly at lower frequency. I could even use chopsticks to have something, wrote with a pen; I could stay on bed still and have a sweet sleep for about three hours; my hand became more powerful.

Case 6. Wu Qiong, male, 27 years old, lives in Kailu county, Zhelimu region, inner Mongolia. I was weak formally with 45 kg¡¯s body weight, no strength to go upstairs, no interest to food, often having a cold, vitiligo on legs, 70% hair turning white. Since having PMNAM a month later, my weight increased to 55kg, I felt stronger and didn¡¯t catch a cold any more. A half and a month later, I had an increase in appetite, vitiligo was missing, white hair was turning gray. PMNAM is a really wonderful matter.

Case 7. Li Gengsheng, male, 68 years old, an advanced teacher of the Seventh High School of Shenyang. During this Spring festival, I drank spirit too much that gave me a sequela, hemiplegia from cerebral thrombosis, which stopped my speaking, walking and caused me giving out plenty of sputum and urine, my blood pressure mounting to 120-190. The effect was very satisfactory after I had taken the PMNAM along with Fengexing for four months. Now I can speak, no longer walk leaning on a stick, my blood pressure goes down to average, my over spitting and pissing problems are solved, I am in perfect mood, my hair turns from white to black. As long as I meet a person, I always tell him that the PMNAM is really effective, it is my lifesaver.

Case 8. Feng Yulan, female, 63 years, lives in NO.29 242 building, Santaizi. I was diagnosed to be a diabetes patient, glucose value in urine was marked with four pluses, blood sugar value was fourteen. After I had the PMNAM for a month, the pluses was removed, blood was not tested. At present I feel energetic and I am going on to have it.

Case 9. Mu Yuzhong, male, lives in NO.15 Nenjiang street, Huanggu district. After having ten bottles of the PMNAM, His fair turned black.

Case 10. Fan Yuxian, female, 59 years old, lives in 56-12# Sayang Road, Zhongxing Street, Peace District, Shengyang. I was found to be a diabetes patient in 1987, estimated I had encountered for a few years. The state was getting critical gradually, moreover it came with other diseases such as angioma in eyeground which bled last year, nephropathy, peripheral neuritis, fatty liver and serious heart disease. Though being treated by many famous doctors and spending a few wan(ten thousand ) yuan, I was not cured yet. I began to adopt the PMNAM in Sep 1997, seeing effect after having three bottles. Despite it is in deep fall, now I am quite fine compared with former years, without neuritis, without nephropathy, more energetic than I was, and my head is also much clearer. I am going to the finer state by and large. I think it is the PMANM that bring me toward the health road.

Case 11. Chen Zhengming, male, 72 years old, a resident in 68-5# North Erjing Street, Shenhe District. He caught by sequelae from cerebral thrombosis. When he first went to buy the PMNAM, he could not step on into the store, so he had to climb on with hands. After he took three bottles of PMNAM, he could step in for the second purchase. He was very happy, he valued the medicine was good thing, out-and-out matter. Now he can step onto the second floor and advocate this product here and there.

Case 12. Yang Zhuyu, 62 years old, a retired worker from Wafangdian Bearing Factory. He had been suffered from coronary heart disease, atrial fibrillation, and getting critical year after year, so he had to stay in hospital from 1992. At that time, he usually felt flustered and breathed hard, difficult to go on with any indoor activity. Being choked to wake up so frequently from four to five o¡¯clock in the morning, with blue lips and full of cold sweat, then being sent to a hospital, that he often felt death was close to him. 10 days after he had the PMNAM, he could move indoor freely; 20 days after that, he felt energetic from head to foot like a healthy man, no flustered any longer, he could even build walls for his home. For stabling his state, he went on having seven bottles more.

Case 13. Zhang Zhanfu, male , 51 years old, a peasant living in Chayao village, Wafangdian city. He had lost labor ability for a half and one years, no ability to stand up, fleshless, emaciated, misdiagnosed as neurosis by no less than one hospitals. He had adopted various Chinese or Western medicines, spending over three thousand yuan on it, but no effect. Later he knew the true matter, Nucleic acid Deficiency, he started to have PMNAM. Ten days later, he felt appetitive and refreshing; ten more days, he could do some farm work, and reopened his repair station. In his own words: comfortable all over, I am fine. In fact, he just had six bottles.

Case 14. Zhang Yongshi, male, 73 years old, an employee of the Health Committee in Wafangdian. He had suffered from hypertension, head-dizzy, insomnia for many years. 10 days after he had the PMNAM, his situation improved a lot; a month after that, his blood pressure became stable.

Case 15. Wang Chunlan, female, 72 years old, an employee of the Health Committee in Wafangdian. During the two years she encountered cerebrovascular disease, she was always light in the head, numb in the arms, she had to take two pills before sleeping, thought not very effective. Ten days after having the maxture, she could sleep sound without the pills¡¯help; ten more days, numb arms and weak body restored.

Case 16. Li Shuxian, female, 47 years old, a worker in the Cement Plant Of Wafangdian. She had been in trouble of inappetency, hypodynamia, joint ache for a long time. After having variety of Western and traditional Chinese medicine and have not gotten satisfactory result, she made a change to choose PMMAM. 20 days later, she got increased appetite, stirring spirit, unpainful joints.

Case 17. Wang Ping, female, eighteen years old, a student of Wafangdian Important High School. Duo to work hard and exhaustion, she had been in trouble of cold, throat ache, hyperpyrexia, which was diagnosed as pneumonia for over a year. Though having intravenous drip more than 20 days, she didn¡¯t have any change. She was still coughing, could not get into sleep. To avoid to affect her classmates, she had to have codein pills. She got well since having taken PMNAM and Fengexin for 20 days.

Case 18. Wang Xuanpeng, male, 54 years old, a head of a school in Wafangdian. He was a coronary heart disease patient, he could not have a sound sleep for several year because frequent early beat with his heart every day. Though he had two pills each night, he could not sleep well yet. After the fourth day his having PMNAM, his heart got better, arms no ache any more. 25 days later, in his words:¡¯during my taking the medicine, my heart¡¯s early beat only happened once, and that only two beats. Now I can sleep well, even have an hour nap at noon, all the uncomfortable are disappeared¡¯. His neighbors all say that he is much better, and he actively disseminate the magic effect of the PMNAM.

Case 19. Mr.Huang, 28 years old, a worker of Capital Steel Corporation. He had suffered from pleurisy for half a year, weak, hardly got into sleep because of aching legs at night, and could not work as a common man. After the 8th day having PMNAM, he could sleep a complete night; a month later, he could work normally.

Case 20. Mrs.Liu, 48 years old, a cadre of the Movie Publication Co of Haidian district, Peking. She has suffered from woman menopause syndrome near 10 years. Since she had had PMNAM for a period of time, she was full of energy, could sleep well eating more. During the drinking time, her syndrome did not turn up.

Case 21. Ms. Liu, 26 years old, a cadre of the Nonstaple Food Co of West Zone, Peking. After an operation, she stayed at home, weak, light in the head, low blood pressure. Having PMNAM a week, she could have a lot, sleep well, full of spirit.

Case 22. Mrs. Wang, 47 years old, a cadre of Huaying Garment Mill, Peking. She has been tortured by menieres disease for over ten years. She used to be dizzy, have medicines, bad immunity and catch cold. Having PMNAM for half a month, she is all right now.

Case 23. Mr Cheng, 42 years old, a cadre of Chinese Metallurgy Association. Having PMNAM a period of time, he could have a normal sleep, age pigment on his hands disappeared. He was able to keep a clear brain when he was having a long talk. 

Case 24. Mrs. Cheng, 38 years old, a biology lector of Fuzhou Education Institute. She had a bad constitution, 40kg weight before having PMNAM. Now she is full of spirit, defecates smoothly instead of astriction, more appetitive, catches less cold. Her health has improved a lot.

Case 25. Mrs Cai, 77 years old, a retired cadre. Having two bottles of PMNAM, she is full of energy, no tired sense all day, her arthritis turns better, but she was not able to go out without a cane in the past.

Case 26. Mrs Cheng, a teacher of the 7th High School of Fuzhou. She was weak, used to be companied by diseases. after she was taken a gastrectomy, she was even weaker than before, mucus with dejecta sometimes. She has had some medicines and tonic, but they didn¡¯t work. Since she had PMNAM, her health got a great change, full of energy. She is recovered now and gains much weight.

Case 27. Mr. Zou, 64 years old, a resident of Hong Kong. He had been in trouble of diabetes and adopted insulin for many years, but he didn¡¯t get well and he was still very weak. Once he came back to Fujian Province to visit his family, he happened to have PMNAM. Two months later his complexion was getting well, urine test and blood pressure were going to the right place, he felt powerful to step upstairs.

Case 28. Mr. He, 73 years old, a member of Consultative Committee of Fujian Province. He suffered from Parkinson and other agedness diseases, who has used valuable imported medicines for Parkinsons, but they didn¡¯t work. Later, he had PMNAM consecutively two months, his Parkinsons was getting better and he also reduced to have dopamine. He doesn¡¯t feel cold, he is appetitive and energetic.

Case 29. A six-year boy Zhu. he is in Yangxia Kindergarten in Fuzhou, heavy, used to get a cold, only have a particular kind of food. Having had MNAM for a month, his immunity got improved. Not he is healthy and appetitive.

Case 30. A 16-year girl Wang in a high school in Fuzhou, she was anorectic, innutrient, bad memory and underachieved. Since she has had PMNAM for a period of time, she got appetitive, better look, better memory, better grade.

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